Monday, May 21, 2012

Nars Body Glow

Do you Gals want those SEXY bronzed  summer legs?! Then I suggest you invest in a bronzing oil. If I can reccomend any bronzing oil it would definately be Nars Body Glow, hands down! Both oils have a floral scent that really isn't too strong. I use the Body Glow (bronzed color) for my legs, chest and shoulders but because it is a bit on the pricey side I only use it when I'm trying to throw the sexy on ha ha. Although, a little does go a long way. The Body Glow II can be used for multiple reasons; it can also be used as a body shine, massage oil or just for some added moisture. Have any of you tried the Nars Body Glow? if you haven't please do. Check out the dried flowers in the bottle.. so pretty and dainty looking. What body oils would you reccomend?


  1. I'm using an aveda body oil I really love. I've wanted to try these NARS ones too but I always forget about them

    1. I'm definitely going to try it whenever I get a chance, Thanx

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