Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Sunday Night =]

 Hi There my fellow Bloggers,

I know i'm a Lil late on sharing my Sunday night with everyone but i couldn't resist sharing this movie review. We went to go see Think like a man at the dine in theater (if you haven't gone to a dine in theater as of yet you are not living, just sayin') let's just say it was hilarious. Kevin Hart is an amazing comedian and the movie just gets all the girls thinking. My BF's probably reading this like "oh boy" ha ha. He has created a monster ... i kid i kid but any who if you haven't gone to see it i suggest you do and if you have what did you think about it? Secondly, please scroll down and take a quick look at the Waffle Sundae i had, BOMB! It's two warm Belgium waffles infused with authentic maple flavor, topped off by a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled in luscious caramel and a generous sprinkle of sweet and savory candied bacon.Yes girl BACON. who would have thought =D !


  1. ok your waffle looks amazing! & yes, that movie was hilarious. I was it the night it came out and Id like to see it again and catch all the funny parts I may have missed while laughing at the previous funny parts!

    1. lol how funny was Kevin Hart and Wendy Williams together though?