Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sally's Beauty Review !!

Okay Ladies, so it's been a lil over two weeks (which I believe is enough time to consume a review) & I wanted to fill you guys in on what i think about these products. Again this is just my opinion and what works for me. 
  • Beyond the Zone split mender  $7.29 - i cant stress it enough how AMAZING this product is. It mends those loose dry strands w/out that oily base. Great for both a natural hair do or a blow-dry. What can I say?! "I'm in love"! The packaging is super duper cute and the product has this great texture that just smells so yummy like all the other beyond the zone products. I definitely recommend this product and will repurchase it myself, I'm very satisfied with this buy =] .

  • One 'n Only argan oil restorative mask $9.49 - Being that this product has been raved so highly I'm definitely disappointed. It's not what it was all cracked up to be. It did do a lil reconstruction but it had a long drying time and my hair did not feel smooth. I also want to add that the first time i used this product I noticed that my roots looked really light so i colored my hair and after using it again I noticed the same issue so I'm going to assume that it removes some coloring. Have you guys experienced the same thing? I guess to each his own but i will not be repurchasing this item.

  • Beyond the Zone turn up the heat protection spray 8.29 - The smell of this product is unexplainable but i just want to lick my fingers after applying. Ha ha that sounded totally grotesque, my bad! The texture is a lil oily but it pretty much serves it's purpose; let's just say a lil goes a long way. It does smooth out those fly aways so it's almost like a 2 in 1 (heat protection and after shine). I currently have damaged hair so it works for me but if you ladies out there don't I wouldn't recommend this product. Not sure if I will be repurchasing but I'm pretty content with the product.

  • Folicure Intensive Vitamin Treatment $2.49 -I can't give an extended review because I pretty much brought the sample size but one things for sure my hair did feel and look a lot fuller. So high five for that! I would recommend this treatment and I am for sure going to try it again.

  • Heal to Toe feels like new foot softener $1.79 - $4.99 - GREAT GREAT product. I'm not too thrilled about the smell but this thing is no LIE! After just the first night of application I woke up in the morning like i had the new new feet (in my ATL vc lol)! The only downfall is the smell, yes I know! It smells and feels like hair grease so i recommend to use socks after applying this product not only because you'll get a better outcome but because the smell is unattainable. Will I be repurchasing this item?! I sure will, maybe even before i hit pan =D .

  • Mr.Pumice two sided ultimate pumice bar $2.79 - I mean a pumi bar is a pumi bar in my opinion but everyone should have one in their shower. Whether male or female, you need one!


  1. great review!
    ill have to try beyond the zone--my split ends are awful!

    1. thx.. yes you do take it from someone who has fine damaged hair =]