Monday, June 18, 2012

Karma Loop Haul & 20% Off Code

Hey Ladies,

Sigh... I have been patiently waiting for this order to come in and it finally has! Karmaloop had an amazing warehouse sale last week on a lot of new merchandise and I didn't have any intentions on going shopping but i couldn't resist such great bargains (all items were purchased with my own money). They are always running great sales and the best part is they have double coupon entries; a promo code entry and a REP coupon entry. Who doesn't love coupons, I know I LOVE them ha ha. I teamed up with them and was able to create a rep coupon code for you guys, therefore you can receive 20% off of your initial purchase. Just place the REP coupon code msbeautygeek20 during checkout and your good to go Happy Shopping xoxo.

Take a look at the steal I received, what do you gals think? I'm in LUST! 


  1. Interesting blog!

    Happy Hopping! Come visit me : Mrs Jack of all Trades

  2. Oh my! I love that top!



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  3. Hey! did you change your page??? I love how fresh this one looks!!!! I've been dieing to change mine aswell. Great top too!

    1. yupp, i just updated it today, thanx. the other one was getting so BLAH!

  4. Oh my so cannot walk in those glittery shoes!! But, how?!