Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mac's Ruffian Manicures, Yay or Nay?

I've heard a lot of ranting with Mac's new Ruffian Manicures lately because consumers are saying they are not tasteful and look cheap, i guess it's due to the fact that they are press ons. They're everywhere and in my opinion pretty sufficient. I personally have not tried any press ons during my "adult" years but I'm very interested in the Ruffian manicures. I've had plenty of failed attempts at the nail salon trying to get the half moon mani's and the mini stiletto nails. Well, the stiletto nails weren't a total FAIL but it is definitely a trend that gets sickening to the eye very quickly, so this is where I believe these press ons can come to play! They are temporary and fun. What do you girls think, yay or nay?



  1. The designs look so intense! I've worn press on nails before and I love how they're so easy to put on and take off! :)

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  2. They look awesome! I used press ons a few times this past year, because honestly if you do them right, they last just as long as acrylic or gel nails & they look just as good. But these, I'm gonna have to try these!

  3. I say yay! I'd like to try them! they look classy to me :0)

  4. I definitely like the black and gold, not sure about the others!

    1. the matte black and shiny gold color blocking is nice.

  5. I'd like to try them! :)

  6. I really like the black and gold ones but im not keen on press on nails, id be worried they would come off while out somewhere. I found you via the blog hop xx

  7. Found you at the bloghop :) They look good to me! I would definitely try them.
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  8. ooh i like the black ones with golden tips!

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  9. OMG I loved them all!!
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    thanks :D

  10. i definitely like these style of nails. i've seen them on the runway and i think they're still applicable and can be worn in real life :P so yay~~ keep in touch <3


  11. I think the red ones are king of scary, but the other two sounds interesting!