Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's In My Bag Tag

Hey there ladies,

So I was recently going through my blogger subscribers and ran across a "what's in my bag tag post". It sort of inspired me to post one of my own and being that I had some free time at work  it was perfect timing. I've seen plenty of posts with this tag but I was never really intrigued to do my own until now so thanx http://beautyandthecheap.blogspot.com/, enjoy =)

My MCM wallet that I adore <3

My coupon book lmao.. what can I say I love coupons and I love being prepared.
I'm not really a makeup bag carrier, just the basics are fine with me =]

My work badge & my favorite flavored Mentos (strawberry)
Some on the go lotion
Some Handy Dandy Gum!
But of course hehe
I like staying fresh *shrugs*
My just in case deodorant
& last but not least my keys...im out


  1. Yay! I'm an enabler! LOL! You're so neat and organised, I can barely ever find anything in my bag. Love your bag and the wallet too. :)

  2. This looks so sorted. I got more trash in my bag than anything else ;)Couldn't show that to nobody

    1. Lol alright, i'll do it tomorrow. Should be interesting ;)

    2. Well, did it today :) Was too lazy yesterday

  3. lol...cute bag and post! and aww how cute...you carry a pic of Hubby and you on your work badge #Love :0)