Friday, June 1, 2012

Who wears short shorts

Houston, we have a problem! I am OBSESSED ahhhh lol. I know I said in a previous post that my original plan was to do my thrifting DIY projects over the weekend but I was so excited that i finally got my hands on some vintage Levi's that i just couldn't deal ha ha, that and I had to do laundry so it made sense to throw them in after slicing them up. I wanted to share my envisioned look with you gals =D . How do you wear your short shorts?

high waisted shorts


  1. Love this! I love wearing them with wedges but sometimes I feel like I'm way too leggy when I do that so i resort to wearing them with my pink sneakers :)

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  2. ahh I love that outfit idea. If only I had thin legs and a flat stomach LOL. I can only dream

  3. I think that is so cute!!! =]
    I really like the white cardigan!