Friday, April 20, 2012

FIVE cosmetic items I couldn't live w/out this Summer

Hey there Bloggettes,

I know you've seen a similar Tag going around on YouTube but since I am not committed to certain products all year round I threw in the seasonal part in the title ha-ha. I would love it if some of you would join in on this Tag, it's a great way to find out about new and different products. Enjoy Luvies xoxo!

  1. MAC fix plus (gives that natural look after your makeup is applied, perfect for Summer)
  2. MAC cremesheen (any cremesheen is perfect for Summer, adds moisture & a tint of color)
  3. Diorshow blackout mascara (this right here is my holy grail, who needs falsies with this product?!) 
  4. Maybelline's instant age-renewing (I've never been a concealer person because i rarely get under eye circles but with a nice tan this is perfect. It's a great highlight and adds that I'm awake face in an instant. i was a Lil undecided between this or bronzer but this makes you look like you have both =D)
  5. MAC tinted moisturizer (Now i am aware that this doesn't give full coverage so I'm sure not everyone will agree with me on this one but for me it evens out my skin & adds a lil color. I like the consistency of it, it's not greasy and it's easy to apply for when you're on the go)


  1. fab!!!^^
    great beauty products ;)


  2. The Mac tinted moisturizer interests me! What kind of skin do you have? I have slightly oily skin and that worries me with tinted moisturizer. I bought my first Mac product this week and I think I am going to be hooked!

    1. Yes, MAC is great and you are not the only one hooked lol. The tinted moisturizer doesn't have an oily base so i don't think you will have a problem but you can always set it with setting powder to take away the shine if you begin to get build up. Try it, I'm sure you wont be disappointed =]

  3. @emilyvannah like you my skin is a bit oily but I've tried the Mac tinted moisturizer and love it. It's like she said, good consistency and it evens out my skin with a little color.