Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY distressed American flag pocket shorts

Morning Fellow Bloggers,
Feeling Patriotic ?!? Hehe soooo I've really been meaning to create a pair of DIY distressed American flag shorts (wow that seems long lol) but wasn't quite sure on how exactly i wanted them. I've seen a lot of DIY shorts with the American flag taped/sewed and glued onto the front of shorts but i wanted a more wearable look. Let's get started =]

Things you will need:
° no sew hemming tape (Joann's, Michaels, craft store etc.)
° any pair of denim pants/shorts/capris
° America flag bandanna
° iron (for the hemming tape)
° scissors
° cutting board
° pen or chalk
° sharp knife or blade
° washing machine 

1) Use anything with a straight edge to draw on a line for cutting purposes. I used the cutting board since i will be using it later on in the tutorial. When cutting the jeans i slanted my cutting line to give it a more retro feel. Keep in mind that the front of the jeans will be cut separately so you would need to draw lines in the front also. Start cutting your jeans once you have the lines right where you want them. Cut the front and the back separately.

2) Place the cutting board in between the jeans so you wont cut through to the back of the jeans when making the rips. Now for some fun =D , get the ripping! I used a knife and just started cutting away. Make sure to keep the rips towards the laying pocket area so you will be able to see the American flag through them.

3) Place the shorts inside out. Cut the part of the flag where the stars are into a complete square, once its cut you are going to place it under the are of the actual pocket. Get yourself some hemming tape and iron the two fabrics together. Once you have ironed on the flag to the inside of the actual pocket you are going to fold the fabric over in half and add some more hemming tape and continue to iron until all three sides are ironed together. Make sure to leave the bottom half undone/open. Do the same to the other pocket, i preferred to have the stripes going vertical but you can do them either way.

4) Cut the fabric into a slant (shorter side on the outside). This took some time to get them right where i want them, best way is to try them on and mark the longer area to where you'd like it best. Flip the shorts back over and this time you are going to take both bottom edges and fold them inside facing each other ; add some hemming tape and iron. 

5) Wash & Dry & voila ! (Make sure to have it on delicate because you don't want to ruin that hem)


  1. I love this DIY!! Thank you for posting! I am definitely doing this for 4th of July! You're amazing!

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