Monday, July 23, 2012

Microdermal Piercing Horror

NOTE: What you're about to witness is pretty nauseating so if you cannot handle grossness please exit this post

Most of you might have noticed that I have a microdermal piercing in my chest, I've had it for over a year now.

I never had any issues with it besides the occasional soreness due to hitting or pulling it but nothing major. About two weeks ago I noticed the soreness was terribly painful and I couldn't figure out why. There was no redness nor any sign of a infection but for some reason no matter which way i moved around or slept it would hurt so bad. My first instinct was "OMG I think it's rejecting". I've heard lots of horror stories of the microdermals rejecting but I thought I was in the safe zone being that I haven't had any issues for over a year now and usually if they are going to reject it'll be in the earlier stage. So one morning I wake up to this disgusting thing! Holy batman, WTF just happened SMH.. yes I know it's gross. 
I headed out to a local piercing shop so the piercer can take a look and he right away told me it was infected and I had hypertrophic scarring (something like a keloid that's very known with piercings) to use heat compresses, anti-bacterial soap and sea soak it 2-3 times a day; I did but nope not one bit of change. Here's the sea salt spray i used.
I was so terrified, I did not want to get it removed! So I sent my lovely Hubby on a hunt in the city for a miracle & boy did he find one! here it is ladies and gents Organic Piercing Therapy! It has certainly made me a believer of all things NAT-TUR-AL!

So I used it for only TWO days (2-3 times per day) and voila, completely gone! no scarring no pain and no infection. Here's the aftermath!
Organic Piercing Therapy ingredients: fractioned coconut oil infused with (agrimony, comfrey, white willow bark, chickweed, gotu kola, yarrow, calendula, and speedwell), tamanu oil, sea-buckthorn seed oil, tea tree oil, grape seed oil, vit e, safflower oil, vegetable glycerin, orange oil.


  1. Lucky you! I wish I would've known about this 2 years ago! I had to remove my belly ring because of internal keloids! -___-

  2. I have the same problem with one of my dermals and I've tried everything under the sun. Where did you get this ?!?!?

  3. I have the same problem with one of my dermals and I've tried everything under the sun. Where did you get this ?!?!?

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  5. This is my product! Thanks my original formula is Boo Boo Serum
    glad it helped you thanks for the review!
    Emily Turner 1-888-610-4423

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  7. UGH! i have that exact same problem with my dermal where do i purchase this product? and i'm from australia :(